[a different reality] ANDRE BAC is a 21st-century fashion label rooted in multi- disciplinary contemporary culture. It celebrates the sophisticated lifestyle of a young and bold self-fulfilment oriented generation in a luxurious manner. 

[message before product] The brand is built on the concept of reflecting lifestyle stories and its collections balance luxury craftsmanship with streetwear elements. The creations come with an emphasis on combining different and unusual high-quality materials, along with the use of traditional and innovative custom-developed techniques with a high-attention to detail. 

[different perspectives] With an unconventional approach, one that is not necessarily in line with the traditional opinions about seasonal men‘s and women‘s collections, AB‘s limited creations include men‘s and women‘s leather goods, ready-to-wear and accessories.


contemporary creations – limited availability – manufactured in italy

contemporary creations
limited availability
manufactured in italy

“blue has no dimension, it is beyond dimensions”

Yves Klein

Some people say that the sky is the limit. We know otherwise. We know that the sky is just the beginning, and it starts with blue. Blue represents the infinite sky, the uncharted territories of the ocean, and the earth as seen by astronauts from the windows of their spaceships. It’s the color of individuals who are brave enough to dream, who are imaginative enough to make those dreams a reality, and who are bold enough to step into the unknown and achieve the extraordinary.

We embrace BLUE.



”the essence of all beauty is the perfect harmony of contrasts.”

Thomas Aquinas

The story of our craftsmanship starts with a pencil stroke and ends with a unique product that represents the symbiosis of tradition, innovation, and contemporary design.

Pencil. Paper. A sketch. That’s how each of our creations begins. Initial ideas become a virtual 3D model that we tweak and tune until we’re ready to source materials and start prototyping. This is when our design comes to life for the first time.

We rely on the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and place it at the core of our production process. Our team of specialist artisans uses their eye for detail and know-how that have been passed down from generation to generation to manufacture the limited production run of each creation.

Tradition meets innovation as we hand-finish each product, remaining true to techniques that have stood the test of time and being bold enough to use cutting-edge methods and materials. Creating something unique demands a step into the unknown.

The story of our craftsmanship ends with the transformation of our ideas and dreams into a unique product where the worlds of tradition, innovation, and contemporary design come together in harmony.


Stand out from the crowd

At the heart of each of our creations lies a combination of a wide range of different and unusual materials.

In addition to traditional precious materials like Italian calfskin and metal alloys in our leather goods, we are always searching for unusual and innovative materials that add unexpected textures, aesthetics, and experiences to each of our products.

We trust our suppliers, the best professionals in the industry and specialists in their field, harnessing their knowledge and love of their craft.

We demand the highest quality from our materials and strive to have a minimal influence on nature and the environment. Besides natural materials, such as leather or cotton, we are constantly researching sustainable materials that we can use as an alternative in our products to reduce our environmental impact.

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